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After years of retreats, excursions, coaching, consulting and community, we at 10TEN Project have developed a year long process to keep pastors in ministry for the long haul. It's not enough for the occasional retreat or even monthly coaching. We believe it takes a year of connection, coaching and care for you to start and stay healthy.

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The more successful you become in ministry can often lead to more isolation. Isolation is one of the greatest struggles for pastors and Christian leaders today. Friends end up on payroll or going to your church and the reality of a safe place to discuss ALL levels of need becomes smaller.

We put leaders in large groups of pastors in similar roles (lead pastors with lead pastors, senior leaders with other senior leaders, etc) that will be broken up into smaller groups for deeper community. Each group will have a group facilitator who's role is to care for the leaders, not mentor or coach. This will be your group for the year. You will connect with other amazing leaders from the large group, but spend much of your year with 5-8 leaders who understand your day to day world, but don't live in it!

A central part of creating connection will be two, that's right two, world class excursions. From fly fishing in Montana to UTV rides and 5 star meals in Zion National Park, we will take you out of your day to day and build connection outside. If you would say you’re not "an outdoorsman", just trust us on this one. You don't have to be. The adventure awaits on a world class level.


For the past 20 years, we've been working with leaders and pastors in coaching environments. Learning Emotional Intelligence, leading boards and staff, understanding healthy rhythms and much more are normal needs for pastors. And yet...

Very little of our training deals with any of this.


We are putting world thought leaders on monthly zoom trainings to deal with the REAL, DAY TO DAY, leadership challenges you face. We will then break up after that into your small groups on zoom and do some more group development.






No matter how well trained and coached you are, or how much community you've built, without mental and emotional health, it could all be for not. The calling of ministry is one of the greatest gifts you could ever receive. The challenges of ministry are equally hard. Ministry is too hard to not be healthy and we believe in getting you healthy and keeping you healthy. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our own health at the expense of those we serve.

We've partnered with Onsite Workshops to build a unique retreat that will sit in the center of your year with us. Your small group will go through a tried and true process from the onsite team to learn tools to navigate and understand what emotional and mental health look like. This type of counseling and work have changed the trajectory of many of the top Christian leaders who've walked through the onsite process. And we believe it will change yours too.



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